, I got the opportunity to visit The Ruins of...
November 2013

I got the opportunity to visit The Ruins of Bacolod. I literally squealed when we arrived at the place. It was beyond beautiful and I always had a huge interest in old houses built back in the Spanish era. I get this eerie feeling when I see something old and I could only wish I could go back in time. I would love to see how people lived back then, I really have a legit old soul.

The photos above are some of the shots I snapped of the structure. I didn’t need to edit it much because it was already beautiful even in raw. We went there around one in the afternoon and it was perfect because I still had the whole place to myself, meaning there weren’t too many people making a scene in my pictures.

Right across The Ruins is their restaurant and souvenir shop. It had Parisian feels that I totally loved. I like the walls and windows so much that I can’t help but snap too many photos. (haha!)

Anyways, did you know that it took three days and four gallons of oil to burn the mansion down? That’s because it was made of the best materials of wood and tiles. It was built in 1920 and got demolished twenty years after. It was abandoned for so many years until the great grand children decided to clean it up and make it a tourist spot. It is standing great still even after 93 years. Imagine that.

A lot of us want to travel abroad but we miss out in what our own country could offer. The Ruins is truly beautiful and this just goes to prove that we do not need to spend a dime to see something beautiful! If you would like to visit The Ruins, you can fly to Bacolod or take a bus (which we did since we are near, tiring but worth it). You can then take a cab going to the place. :) You only need to pay P50 for the village entrance fee and P160 (adult) or P80 (kids) to get inside The Ruins. I tell you, you won’t ever regret it!

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