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Hey guys! I haven’t really shared about anything else in my blog other than food (haha!) so I would like to talk about something new. We all have our favorite apps and most of us would say VSCO, Afterlight, Beautiful Mess and etc. I also actually love those too but I also want to share about apps that are not in the photo editor category. Here are my most used and abused apps and I’ll tell you why!

  • Sand Timer- I usually could not stay put for at least an hour of studying but when I started using this, I actually last even up to two hours in my chair! I tried other similar apps but it didn’t work for me because I felt panicky seeing the milliseconds ticking by. With this app, it actually looks an actual sand timer which is customizable in to four colors. You don’t see the minutes and seconds, you only seen a little grain of sand dropping so it doesn’t pressure me too much. It can only be set to an hour which is actually advantageous since it doesn’t get too dragging. 
  • Countdown+ - what I love about this app is that it allows you to count down a lot of events! I tried another app before and it only allows me up to four and beyond that, I have to upgrade. Boo! This app also has a very sleek design and shows how many days, hours and minutes I have left. I use this because I have board subjects to study for each month.
  • NgiNgi stamp- for days when I feel like being kawaii. I totally love their doll stamps. I’ll show some of my edits soon!
  • Workouts- this is my favorite fitness app. I swear it has killer exercise videos for everything—abs, legs, arms, cardio! It makes me want to puke every after sesh because it just pure torture (for me)!

All of these are for free by the way! Till next time! Ciao! :)

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