, Hello lovely readers! I missed you all. I honestly...
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July 2013

Hello lovely readers! I missed you all. I honestly am here right now because I don’t feel my life is going anywhere. I try to study but somehow my brain goes somewhere else and my heart is just scattered everywhere. I daydream a lot and I’m really, really distracted. I wish I could turn back time and redo everything. I feel like I’m losing time and that I’m the only one who is not serious with her review. *teary eyes* I hope you do say a little prayer for me. I really wish I could gather myself and really focus on what I should be studying. I need all the discipline! :(

Anyways, the shots above say much about my life lately. It’s really just mostly studying, going out on weekends and lusting over phone cases. I really need to stop this obsession. I’m really trying hard, in fact I’ve unfollowed all of the online shops that sell phone cases. But that’s also because I’ve only got three more cases to buy from the Philippines. I really can’t stop thinking about cases sold abroad and those that have gone out of stock already. If you want to help me out or sponsor me, I’d welcome you with open arms. Haha But kidding aside, I’ve also noticed how I lust over cameras and other gadgets too. Oh my. It’s really distracting me. Sometimes I wish I have the money to buy all my wants so I could finally have some peace of mind. :( Oh well, good luck to me!

Hope you guys won’t ever get tired of supporting my blog. It’s one of the few things that actually keep me sane. Please do keep your messages coming. Believe it or not, I read all of them! Till next update! Ciao!

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