Hey guys! Tried out a new way of sharing a food post! My sister celebrated her birthday in Pizza Republic and I decided to make use of the video in my camera! I’m still a noob when it comes to video editing so thank the heavens for online editors. 

Anyways, Pizza Republic has really been the buzz around town lately. I mean, how can it not be? Unlimited toppings? Make your own pizza? Have it your way? Seriously guys, that’s like THE best thing ever for pizza maniacs! Haha

The good thing about doing this post in video is that you guys will get to see how it was done (at least a glimpse of it). Pizza Republic allows you to choose your sauce and toppings. You can have everything or choose which ones you like. I had their special sauce, a mix of all its meat toppings (bacon,yes!), black olives then sealed it with some olive and cheese sauce. It was the bomb. I was proud of my work. *love your own*

I definitely enjoyed the whole pizza making. I actually had much more videos but I just had to make use of the shortest ones since some of the videos had idle parts because I was taking forever in deciding which toppings to get. Hahaha I hope you still enjoy the video though! Ciao!

Two weeks to go before my boards! I smell sleepless nights but I’m down for it. It will be worth it, pass or fail. 

Two weeks to go before my boards! I smell sleepless nights but I’m down for it. It will be worth it, pass or fail. 

After waiting for such a long time to find a good reason to go to La Maison Rose, I finally did! I decided to celebrate my 23rd birthday there. If you have seen my quick post about the place, you probably have already an idea of how pretty the place is! Judging from the name, yes, it’s a french restaurant. Can you hear me gushing? No? Okay fine. Hahaha

Anyways, we went there for lunch and since I already posted quite a lot of photos for the interiors of the restaurant, this post will showcase more of the food! 

If you saw the ipad above, well, that was their menu! Yes, their menu is on an ipad! Quite extravagant, huh? Moving on, they had a set meal for the day which consisted of appetizer/soup, main course and dessert. Since it was bangus something, I did not get that. My mom did though. My dad had steak (not in the photos above) and I had lasagna! 

I believe the place was perfect for fine dining. It had a very classy atmosphere and their food serving and presentations were also very exquisite! My dad said he loved the steak but needed some more sauce. My mom and I on the other hand loved our orders so much! My lasagna came in huge so I was like “woah! This is legit lasagna! This is legit birthday lasagna!”. Hahaha

I really enjoyed my lunch in La Maison Rose. If you’re asking me if I would go back? I definitely will! 

tivogliokim asked:

Hi ate Adrianne! Ang ganda po ng mga litrato na pinopost niyo. I had fun reading the descriptions beneath it. I'll be on the look out for more! :) Have a great day!

Awww! You are too sweet! Thank you! :)